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Will Conway

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    Q: How often can I send you stuff without annoying you?
    A: Every time you put finger to keyboard!

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    So I don't want to annoy you. Before I lose you to the ether forever, I'm curious to know what kind of content you're interested in. I'll use my best judgement here, but if you're a fan of funny stories, it's safe to say I won't send you something dark and emotional like Death Race or Shelby's EST 1947.

    On the other hand, if you're a big fan of thinking, little diddies like I Hated Your Sister probably aren't up your alley.

    Fill out a few questions and I'll be careful to send you stuff relevant to you. Deal? Deal.

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    So, this little note is kind of a given these days, but here it goes. I won't spam you. If you sign up below, I'll use that to tell you when I publish a new post or put up content or when something major happens in the world of political technology. That's it. Won't sell your data. No one would buy it, anyway.

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