Will Conway

The urgency of promoting organizing in the digital revolution

I was recently published in Mobilizing Ideas, a production of the Center for the Study of Social Movements at the University of Notre Dame, prompted by Hahrie Han's incredible book, "How Organizations Develop Activists."

If I were the Political Director for a major campaign, Professor Han's book would be required reading for every new staffer in training. Below, find a brief snippet of my piece and a link to the full article. Click the title of her book above to purchase a copy.


...but something changed recently that changes the dynamic and empowers political infrastructures to morph and adapt not just based on the views of the elites, but also based on the views of the general public. This allows infrastructures to adapt quickly, build strong coalitions, and ingest the views of the public. It allows them to mobilize more efficiently and effectively, and to charge supporters with leadership and autonomy... read more here!

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