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Politics is the Art of the Next Best - An Interview with Will Conway

I had a chance to chat with the amazing Ciara O'Riordan of Ecanvasser. Interview below:

Ciara: You often talk about speaking with people, instead of at them, how do you think we can better engage in building these genuine types of relationships?

Will: Speaking WITH people is simple - it just requires listening. As a presidential campaign or a senator or a big organization, it used to be really easy to make excuses for speaking AT people, because the technology simply didn't exist to listen to what millions of people were saying all at once. But the technology exists now - it's called NationBuilder. There are no more excuses. From social media to in-person conversations, websites to donations to events or email, we can listen to what people are saying and respond to them each like real humans. And we can do it at scale, across thousands, even millions of supporters, without any tedious merging of spreadsheets or data entry. It doesn't hurt that talking WITH people results in absurdly higher success metrics: experts using NationBuilder are sometimes seeing 4x fundraising returns on emails that personalize the content based on engagement data.

Read the full interview here!

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