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The Urgency of Digital Organizing: Part 1, Building Real Relationships

In the years since the 2012 election cycle, a camp of forward-thinking digital strategists has emphasized the importance of digital and data in the world of political spending. Where campaign dollars used to be spent on direct mail and television ad buys, their thinking goes, modern political infrastructures should be spending money on YouTube pre-roll video ads, search engine optimization, promoted Tweets and Facebook posts.

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Washington DC: CPAC, George Washington University, and Beyond the Buzzwords

The full story on CPAC, digital organizing, and the state of affairs among political technologists in Washington, DC. Click here to read about the trip.


The urgency of promoting organizing in the digital revolution

I was recently published in Mobilizing Ideas, a production of the Center for the Study of Social Movements at the University of Notre Dame, prompted by Hahrie Han's incredible book, "How Organizations Develop Activists."

If I were the Political Director for a major campaign, Professor Han's book would be required reading for every new staffer in training. Below, find a brief snippet of my piece and a link to the full article. Click the title of her book above to purchase a copy.

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Vastly changed electoral system presents risks and opportunities for Jeb Bush

“By sharing on a social platform, he can start tracking who is interacting, how they are interacting, and what they want to talk about,” said Will Conway, with the nonpartisan digital firm NationBuilder. “He used the announcement as an opportunity to build real, powerful, one-to-one relationships with lots of people. That's crucial. This is a strong first step to a well-coordinated digital effort.” ...click here for the full article!

Building political infrastructure for 2016

The rest right after election is a crucial window to think about more than what could have been. It’s a time to use the data that came in during the whirlwind of the last election cycle to build the infrastructure for the future of your organization. What follows is an outline for state and county parties, PACs, and caucuses looking to use NationBuilder to build a long-term, lasting infrastructure – both in the field and online – to endure through 2016 and beyond.

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